Thursday, January 10, 2008

I -swear- I'll get a camera soon!

I know this is a boring non-picture knit/emotional crap dumping blog. I have soooo many cool things I'm working on and no way to show them off unless I beg and plead a relative/friend for use of a camera. But that isn't the only stumbling block. I have no personal computer of my own. That's not as bad of a problem as no digital camera (as you can tell!) Yes, it does put a crimp in the writing time, but oh well. I also don't have an Internet connection at home either, so it's pretty amazing I get up what I do!
Christmas was fabulous, only due to the fact that I was (and currently am) still employed. How long this will last? No one really knows for sure. I am working on one major lead for a permanent job at this time, but I don't want to get my hopes up.
I also have been pretty sick and finally went to the Dr on Tuesday for a sinus infection I have been carrying around since right after Christmas. You know it's bad when I go to the Dr, since I don't have health insurance. I'm almost feeling "back to normal" as well. That's a really good thing since I need to be on my toes for the current contract I have, and the possible opportunities coming up!
Speaking of work, I better get back to it! Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!