Friday, June 29, 2007

Adventures in Nail Clippings!

So last night Fraggle jumped on me while I had a good work shirt on and her claws got caught on my shirt. Luckily there was no damage to my shirt, but I went upstairs and got the clippers. She won't sit for me if Hime is in the room, so I took fraggs into the other bed room (because hime usually leaves us alone there for some reason) and started clipping. Fraggle is really good at letting me hold her on her back while I clip her nails, I'm really lucky! But then Hime came in.
Now, there is no way Fraggs is going to lay on her back while Hime is in the room, it makes her too vulnerable. But I glared at Hime and talked to fraggle while I did it. Then when I was done I pounced!

I grabbed Hime and started with the same thing. If she wants to come in and taunt fraggle while getting her nails clipped, then Hime can have her hind claws clipped too! This is a good idea anyway since Hime's back claws are very very pointy and sharp. I have no idea how she keeps them that way!

Hime doesn't like to be held in the first place, so I was careful with her, and got her into position. She's looking at me now with wild eyes and starts to meow. Really meow. Not her usual high squeaky "I'm gonna do something bad" meow. Then I grab her hind foot. This really freaks her out. It freaks her out so bad she tries to get away, using said hind claws. She nailed me, right in the upper palm of my left hand.

Now I'm pissed, but for once I didn't go into Earl Syndrome*. I think I didn't go Earl on Hime because I realize how bad I freaked her out. So I wrapped her up in a handy bed sheet and talked her through it. And also explained to her that if she's going to come in and bug fraggle while I clip nails, she's going to get hers clipped as well. Next time I think I will just keep a file handy though. . . her nails were not overly long.

I still want to know how she gets them sharp like that!! Fraggle, buddy and Reeses all have very long, blunt tipped hind claws.Today, there is a cut about 1/4 of an inch long about 1/2 inch below my index finger. Damn it stings when I wash it, and band aids won't stick on it!

* a note about Earl Syndrome: Earl was the name of my grandfather who was famous in the family for loosing his temper in certain situations. Typically in my family it's called "going Earl" when you start getting really really pissed off about something very quickly

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Working again!

So here I am over in Minnetonka. I'm working at the headquarters of one of the big health companies on a temp project. Can you say huge complex? There's a frickin' convenience store on the bottom floor next to the cafeteria that has five different selections in food prep (like grilling, salad, deli and such). And if you feel like eating outside, please eat at one of the tables next to the pond that has a foot path going around it with objects d'art for your enjoyment. I feel like I'm at a lawyer convention because everyone is in suites and ties. Security is tight too! My badge didn't work this morning and security had to come out and check me out to make sure I wasn't a bad person trying to break in. You have to have security clearance to select any level above floor 3, there is a place to swipe your badge in the elevator!!!

Well, the drive is also a bit long. I wonder how I'm going to last on that. Gas is going to kill me though. . . .

Back to work!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Resume nightmare

So, I start a new job in Minnetonka this Monday. It is only a 3 month temp job. I still am on the lookout for that permanent job. Then I get an email today. It's from a former co-worker and a good friend. It was brought up to her through a strange set of circumstances that there are several spelling errors on my current resume.
The resume I have been sending everywhere.
The one that is suppose to be my professional resume.

Can I just go curl up a die somewhere? All I can say now is: ouch.

I promise I will write something about knitting soon, I just have to get over this resume thing. . .