Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Working again!

So here I am over in Minnetonka. I'm working at the headquarters of one of the big health companies on a temp project. Can you say huge complex? There's a frickin' convenience store on the bottom floor next to the cafeteria that has five different selections in food prep (like grilling, salad, deli and such). And if you feel like eating outside, please eat at one of the tables next to the pond that has a foot path going around it with objects d'art for your enjoyment. I feel like I'm at a lawyer convention because everyone is in suites and ties. Security is tight too! My badge didn't work this morning and security had to come out and check me out to make sure I wasn't a bad person trying to break in. You have to have security clearance to select any level above floor 3, there is a place to swipe your badge in the elevator!!!

Well, the drive is also a bit long. I wonder how I'm going to last on that. Gas is going to kill me though. . . .

Back to work!

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