Monday, January 4, 2010

So lets review, shall we?

Yeah. Updating the blog. Some day I will get to that. No pics this time kids, the external hard drive has crapped out and the Mini is still on the rocks.
I hope everyone in reader land (about 4-6 of you I think) had a good holiday! Mine was ok. As in ok because no one is dead. That is always wonderful. (and I mean that! I am a firm believer that no one dead = pretty damn good)
The cats forgave me for leaving 4 days . Although one is doing her damnest to prevent me from typing as I speak. Hime likes to sit on my left arm. No idea why.
Binged out on food on the holidays. That's because I'm going hard core low carb with a friend (good excuse to binge, right? I thought so!). I've gained back 15 lb from the 20 I originally lost, so I have quite a bit of backtracking to do. So far on day one I'm doing pretty good. I should be crazy in about 72 hours or so. Check back, we'll find out!
I got the 23rd through the 27th off this year. Loved. It. Headed out before the big storm hit. Became crazy cat lady and worried that the power would go out here in an ice storm and I would come home to frozen dead cats. (I probably need more medication for this. I hear kids also solve this problem, as you give a rat's ass about the cat if you are severely sleep deprived with a mobile bottomless money pit to chase after). This of course did not come to pass and the cats were just fine. Thank you cat sitter Angie.
Got to the parents to find out that Christmas was canceled. Lame. Super lame. But this in a way was very very good as I had not finished my main knitting project: my first baby sweater in about 5 years for my Goddaughter/niece Emma. (Sorry Emma, Auntie is still slow) After realizing that we would eat nothing but Christmas cookies for 3 days solid staying at home (because the original plan was to eat at others' parties), the parents and I did manage to get out to wal-mart for some last minute holiday meal supplies. Mmmmmmmm. . . . Ham. :-D
The 26th was our immediate family Christmas. That went off very well! Children were very good! Almost no blood shed! (Jason's nose is better I hear) And my favorite part was when Emrick accidentally opened Emma's present and stated to everyone "Look what Santa gave me!!! Baby pajamas!!!" (He only read as far as the Em on the name and thought it was his. Pretty funny actually)
I went back to EC Sat night only to have to get my butt up at 4:15am to pack the car to see the college girls down in Madison. On the last trip out to the car I conveniently forgot about the glaze ice on the street thanks to the new inch of snow on the ground covering it. Took out my ACL on the way down (that is a reoccurring injury. Sucks. Now I'm going to limp for another 4 weeks) But I also landed very hard on my right hand. The knee was more of the immediate issue. But when I realized I could solider on I got my butt into my car and made the 180 mile trip down. Not the most intelligent choice I could make, true, but I would miss Becky, and she now lives in Ohio.
Madison was awesome! I gimped along on my bad knee. We did get to Lazy Jane's for breakfast and to State St for shopping. So at about 5:30pm we were all getting ready to go our separate ways when I noticed that my right hand hurt. Now it didn't bug me all day. I was carrying stuff and holding things. Didn't feel a thing. I look down and my palm and wrist was all bright purple and blue. Shocked the hell out of me! I drive home and now the hand is starting to bug me. I get home by 9pm and load up on the Tylenol and go to bed.
Monday morning:

Now it really hurt. Then I realized I had a problem when I started crying while trying to type. Not good. So I had to go into the doctor. At least this time I have health insurance!! Nothing is broken. My x-ray looked really good actually. But I'm still sore and it has been 8 days. In fact typing still bugs me. Pulled all my finger tendons and the muscles in my forearm. Happy times. Got a nifty brace though! This has also slowed down my knitting progress quite extensively. Sucks. I'll find out more on Wed at the follow up dr's appointment.
Now I'm sitting here thinking "What the f*&$ happened to Christmas?!?! Its done already?" It sure seems that this one was over pretty quickly. And then reality came back with a cricket bat. My hand wasn't the worst of it. (*Hugs* Jessie)
But no one is dead. This is very very good. I'll take that!

Hope all of you (all 5 of you reading this that is) have a wonderful new year! I swear I will try to write more. Just like I swear I'm going to try and keep my house clean this year. Don't hold your breath.