Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi! I got a job!

So. . . . after a very very very veeeeerry vvverreeererery long struggle with permanent employment. I. Have. A. Job.

Job people!!!! We're talking 401k. We're talking health insurance!! We're talking vacation time. PAID vacation time. We're talking I'm still hourly and going to be making oodles of OT (for now). We're talking that I CAN SUPPORT MY FIBER HABIT!!!!

I've also moved. From big to small and I can't be more happy! Only bummer thing is that the downstairs guy smokes and it comes up the vent. (He's not suppose to smoke. I don't understand why he thinks I will not notice!) So most of the yarn is staying in the Rubbermaid bins until I get a good air purifier.

I will have pictures up soon when I can. I have several things on the needles, but it might take a while. I'm really busy with work. This is the "crazy" time of the year for what I do (I've been doing it since last Dec).

In fact I have to get back to work :( But there you are! Positive news. Been a long time comin' people!


Lauren said...

Talk to the land lord again! So happy for you!

Faemorpheus said...


Faemorpheus said...