Sunday, April 19, 2009

So I work from home now. . . .

This is Fraggle. She's an electric blanket whooure and an impediment to my work environment. I started working from home in January. It's actually really great! But there are a couple things I've had to get use to. Things like feeling home bound. Realizing that bathing should be done more often. And you know when you've finally gotten use to working from home when you go to look for work clothes in the pajama section of the clothes store.

When I IM my Philly co-workers that I should put on clothes because I have to go somewhere, they always respond with "Oh, your working naked again?" NO. I just mean changing into outside clothes.

I really really like working at home. But because of my ADD it can be quite a challenge as well. The really good thing is that if I'm having a not so good day, I can make up work in the evening if I have to. Since I also have a one bedroom apartment, it means my computer desk is in my bedroom. Only 4 feet from my desk to bed. Midday naps kick total ass. Forgetting to set your alarm to wake up from said naps kinda really sucks though.

Since my one heat vent in my apartment is in the living room area, and I flat out refuse to use the space heater in my bedroom, I invested in an electric blanket this winter. LOVE. IT. Best thing I have bought this past winter. I'm not the only one who loves it though. This is were Fraggle (the electric blanket whooure cat) comes in.

Below is Fraggle:

When I get up in the morning I move my top two blankets with me to the desk because it is right by a window and its not too warm out yet. Back in mid winter Fraggle would be at my feet or trying to get on to my lap soon after I had fed her in the morning. Now since the sun has changed positions, she spends the mid morning sunning herself in the living room and comes in at about 11am. Fraggle is 10 years old now, so she is getting old and crochety. And I don't blame her because the electric blanket is totally awesome, but if I move and she doesn't like it she starts to let me know by meowing or sometimes even growling at me once!!

This is Hime :
Hime thinks Fraggle is a total bitch. (she is too) Fraggle won't play with Hime. In fact, Fraggle hates anything else on four legs. This is kinda strange since she was raised with 4 other cats at various times of her life. She's never gotten along with any of them. Anyways, Hime is usually looking at Fraggle like this above picture and you can almost hear her saying "Fraggle you are such a &^%$#@ whooure"

Fraggle's response?
"Bite me"
Fraggle also seems to have an issue with my speaker phone, and will come running into the room and start to yowl if I don't hold her while the phone is going. I think it might hurt her ears. I've cut down the use of the speaker function because of it. She also comes running in if I start singing. *Sigh* And she won't really get off me unless I stop singing. . . Damnit. . . .

Anyway, this is where I usually see Fraggle in the day! Either at my feet or in my arms! And when she's in my arms I usually have to work a bit later that day because it's really hard to type with 9lbs of fluff and claws in your arms. . . .

Woo, I better get to bed~! Everyone have a good week!


Lauren said...

lol, so true.

Lauren said...

so true

bellonjm07 said...

In Becky's words, "I demand more content" - gracii