Thursday, September 20, 2007

Come on people!! It's a '93 buick for chirssakes!!!

So I get up this morning at my sister's in Coon Rapids MN to go to work and head out to my car at 6am. . . . Why can I not get my key into the door of my car?!?!?! I'm in a darker corner right by the entrance so I can't see the lock. I try to open the door. . . yep. It opens. Someone broke my lock and busted into my car.
Nothing is missing (I have my garment bag in there and a grocery bag full of used clothes that need to be washed. No electronics in the car what so ever. I even still have the original tape deck!) Doesn't even look like they rummaged through anything.
I go back to the apartment and buzz my sister to let me back in. I knew this could take a couple of minutes because she is sleeping, and her husband has a hearing loss, so he can't here the buzzer without his hearing aids in.
I buzz.
I call.
I buzz. I buzz some more.
I call. Cell phones, home phone.
Even my nephew isn't waking up!!!
After 15 minutes of buzzing and calling, the door unlocks.
You think with three home phones she would put ONE in her bedroom!! (no, that one's turn off because she gets so many wrong numbers at 3 am. . . )
So the police come, and they go, and I go back down to leave. . . .
My steering wheel casing has been broken. I didn't notice it before.
Call the police again to add to the report. Turns out it looks like someone was not trying to steal stuff from my car, they were trying to steal the CAR.
Oy people!!! Get a life! There are better cars out there than my POS Buick with 100,000 miles on it, no CD player, and its not even clean anyway!!! I don't even carry comprehensive insurance on my car because its not worth it! (I DO have liability on my car. . . I'm not stupid!)

Thank god I do take out all the yarn out of my car. I mean, what if somebody was stupid enough to try and break in?!?!?!


Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

How shitty for you! Sorry you had to deal with this! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

So was the car still there this morning?