Monday, September 17, 2007

I have been chastized

I ran into Jaci this weekend at the Eau Claire International Festival while knitting out front of Yellow Dog Knitting.

"Why haven't you blogged!?!?!"
Cause I'm lazy? . . . Maybe.
Cause I don't have an easy way to put pictures up on my blog?. . . Probably!
Here's a picture of me I lifted off my sister! We were at Faith's wedding (that's Jessie's best friend.) Faith is totally anti-knitting (yet she wants me to make her stuff. . . go figure) So of course I brought knitting! Here is me knitting at her wedding recieption:

This is a wedding shawl for a very good friend that is getting married on Oct 13th. I'm up to 325 stiches per row, and I'm going inszane. Yes, inszane. I still have to knit the edging, and that means right now if I stopped I would have 650 rows of edging to do between 7 - 15 stiches. . . I'm not sure what's going to be worse: trying to get to about 400 stiches, or knitting the edging. . . I'm going to get a better picture when I'm finished with it. No way I'm not recording this for postarity!!
Well! Gotta go! Work is demanding my attention. Boo.

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Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Good to hear from you! I just miss you and when I read your blog you don't seem so far away. I'm glad I ran into you on Saturday.