Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weight Watches and stuff. . .

So. My Mom is a lifetimer at weight watchers. She has dropped about 60 lbs over the past several years. Me? I could stand to loose about . . . well let's be brutally honest here, about 100 lbs. I spend 2 nights a week at my parents house now while I'm working in Minnetonka, and WW night just happens to be one of the nights I stay over. Mom hasn't gone for a while, but she has been wanting to start up again. So I went with. I know I need to do it. This is of course different than wanting to do this, but if I wait until I want to do this it could be too late in regards to some health issues. I'm so picky about my food that I don't like the idea of lists showing "good" foods and limiting portions. But I also know enough that food should not be a comfort, and that's what I use it for. (Like most other people who like to eat!!)

Le Sigh. It will probably do me a lot of good though. I have recorded my eating habits in the past, I'm not really afraid to do it. I'm afraid of the system they use. I don't like limits(aka the point system and core foods system). I'm also aware that I don't eat consistently enough through out the day, I usually have a huge meal towards the end of the day and don't eat much in the morning or early afternoon. But I do like making detailed lists and being anal retentive and sticking to a pattern! In this way I think I will do very well on the program. I also really like the support system.

Now on the knitting front. After reaching 361 stitches per row, I have finally started working on the edging on the wedding shawl!! HOORAY! I have 16 days to finish and block the f*#ker. Then I. Will. Be. Done.

Then back to socks! Just in time for Socktoberfest!!

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