Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another car accident

This time I'm the one who hit someone. Darn it!!! I rear-ended a 2007 Infinity with my good 'ol Buick yesterday at about 6:30am when I was trying to get from 94 east bound to 494 south bound in Woodbury, MN. They stopped really fast. I couldn't. My car stalled as soon as I hit them and I had to push my car witht the help of the other driver to the sholder past the bridge we were under. My airbag didn't go off, so I must not have been going that fast. I smashed their back bumper all up, and I do feel really bad because the guy I hit had two other car-poolers with him and we had to wait for an hour for the state patrol to get to us. . . . even though the nearest weight station is less than 7 miles away and we were causing a traffic jam on one of the busiest intersections in the cities. . . .

After the trooper arrived and left, I got to wait for the tow truck. That was another 40 minutes. Then the tow truck had to pick up another van and drop it off before he could tow me alllll the way back to New Richmond. I got home at 11 am.

Funny thing is. . . my car is running just fine. (knock on lots and lots-o-wood) I only have a bend license plate in the front of my car. I waited to start it at home just in case the engine stalled again. I am sooooooo lucky. Now I just have to wait and see how much my insurance goes up. This is only my second accident that I have caused. (I backed into someone 10 years ago. . . )

Now I get to see if I can learn from my mistakes and quit driving like an idiot!

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