Friday, May 11, 2007

I was busy, now I'm not, but things are better. . . I think

I do have a new fridge, its just pretty empty at the moment.

I also emailed my resume to a temp agency in the twin cities. They called me within 15 minutes. This was Monday. I was in their office on the west side of the cities on Tuesday. Things are looking good. I haven't heard back from them, but I'm going to call this afternoon.

My birthday was great!! I had the day off (first time in a long time!) and the weather was soooo gorgeous! I did spend the day knitting, and taking skills tests for the temp agency.

I also went to my friend and former co-worker's house, Nancy. We had a good time. We miss each other. I'm so glad I went to see her!

Well, tonight my friend Matt is playing at a local bar. Gonna have a good time. Gonna maybe have some drinky-poos.

Yes, I still need to get a job very badly. But things really don't feel that bad anymore. I'm recovering my groove.

I can tell this because I am knitting again.
Someday I will get a camera so I can put pictures up! I finished a pair of socks for myself out of Mountain Colors Bearfoot, the Mountain Fiesta colorway.

Oh! And I have to get a job so I can get the yarn to start my friend's wedding shawl. It's going to be out of Cherry Tree hill silk lace weight yarn in the African Grey colorway. It's going to be really funky, but Jayne is a funkalicious lady! And well worth the work.

I'd also like to congratulate several people I know who are graduating from college: Jackie (brother's girlfriend), Hankey (drummer in our band!) Speck (one of my very very good friends) and Jayne (way to go on your second Masters degree!)

Congratulations all of you!

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