Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Waiting. . . . more waiting. . . .

So here I am. Still waiting for that job to come out and find me. I keep waiting for the temp agency to call. They have a lead, and I know these things take time, but DAMN do I want to get my life started again. I really think this is my best chance.
I've also started looking at apartments in the Cities area. Mighty pricy, compaired to here, where I can find a 2 bedroom duplex for under $500. Mind you, it would be a crappy duplex, but a duplex none the less!

Anyway. Not much other wise going on. I should be calling more places about work, but I really want this cities stuff to work out.

Why do I have to be so lazy?

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Laura said...

Hi! This is Laura. . .I was motivated last night and got my new blog put together. It is located at http://wwwsheepingbeauty.wordpress.com. Check it out and stay in touch!