Tuesday, May 1, 2007

No Job Tuesday

Yesterday was strange. . . really strange. Besides losing my job, I got a call from the recruiter who said there was no job on Friday. There now is a job. Can I please come in for an interview on Tuesday at 2pm? Sure! Oh, and a phone interview for a different department on Wednesday? Great!
An hour and a half later: Same recruiter: Oh, for some reason the supervisor doesn't want to interview tomorrow. They canceled it.

Sigh. . . I should have seen this one comming. Yes. No. Yes. No. I really wish people would make up their minds!

Oh and tomorrow I get to be a temp server for a luncheon at a hospital. Woop-de-shit.
4 hours of $8 per hour. Yeah, that will get me through the month.

Hey! How about I talk about some knitting. Since I have oodels of free time I have worked on both my cousin's baby blanket and my knee-high sock out of fleece artist. I'm going to see if my friend Angie will let me borrow her crappy camera so I can post some pictures.

I have to say, I'm reallly lucky I hit bottom last friday (see my first post) because it made all the difference Monday, when I really needed it.

I would like to also send a big shout out to everyone who is thinking about me at this time. The folks, the siblings, the many good friends. (Sam, Angie, Joe, Greg, Hankey, Becky, Jess, and the cats)

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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